The Saga

Lights Out is the epic story of everyday people faced with the loss of all modern conveniences and the effects that has on civilization. An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) takes out the power grid over most of the free world and effectively time warps our country back two centuries. Communication, commerce, and transportation are all crippled by “The Burst”. As big cities riot and burn, a small subdivision bands together to save their families, friends, and neighbors from the cruel reality that everyday becomes. Centered around a small community in South Texas, the residents of Silver Hill struggle to protect themselves and those they love. One of these residents, Mark Turner, finds himself pushed into a leadership role he doesn’t want. The story is told through his eyes as he labors with organizing, training, and even refereeing the people around him. Mark knows that their survival depends on everyone in the neighborhood pulling together. Mark’s biggest battle isn’t with MZB’s, though. He strives most to find within himself the strength, courage, and compassion to lead his ragtag community through this crisis.


  • A security consultant, disaster planning specialist, and firearms instructor, Fox is the owner of Reel Equity Funding (REF), the film production group responsible for securing the rights to produce Lights Out. Fox will lead the effort as Executive Producer, and is dedicated to making the project a reality. Fox resides in Sanibel Island, FL with his wife and two children.

    "As an early fan of David’s work, I followed Lights Out when it was first posted a decade ago. As a security and disaster planning specialist, I’ve always enjoyed the ‘end of the world’ genre – but Lights Out was special. The believability of the characters, the realism of the scenarios and the education woven into the story make it one of a kind! A good movie should entertain, it should make people think and it should be appropriately realistic. Bringing Lights Out to the big screen has always felt like the right thing to do - and now is the time to do it!"

  • Author David Crawford is an avid outdoorsman who likes to hunt, fish, hike, off- road,and shoot. He is a 4th level black belt with the American Society of Karate where he teaches kids and adults. Crawford resides in San Antonio, TX with his wife and two children, and is excited to see Lights Out become a motion picture!

    • The Story Behind The Saga

    • "I read Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank in High School, and I found that I loved survival and end of the world type stories. After all, what creates greater conflict than the possible extermination of the human race? In the late nineties, with the backdrop of Y2K, I had exhausted all of the books I could find in the library on the subject. I found a few stories online and began to read them. One of my favorites was Pax Americana, by Desert Doc and A Gray Man. They would post a chapter on the forum every few weeks. Waiting between chapters became unbearable as I would check 2 or 3 (ok, 15 or 20) times a day to see if there was anything new. One day, jonesing for a literary fix, I decided to give the writing thing a try myself.

      I wrote and posted the first chapter of Lights Out in August of 2002. I received three responses that encouraged me to keep going. I continued, posting a new chapter about every two weeks, and the support grew with each addition. A member of, Fight4YourRights, started talking about it on that forum, and the following increased exponentially. Another Arfcommer, Giltweasel, asked if he could create a PDF of the story so his brother, who was overseas, could read it. Giltweasel hosted it on his website and people started downloading it at an astonishing rate. A friend, Melbo at, started hosting the PDF on his site, and we had an honest to goodness runaway on our hands. Each chapter was being downloaded and read thousands of times, and I was receiving hundreds of emails and replies on the forums. Many of them were thanks for the new chapter, some of them had suggestions and constructive criticism, and others were simply begging me to get the next chapter done so they could read it. It was a strange evolution, but I had gone from story junkie to story dealer.

      I finished the 75th chapter and the Epilogue in October of 2005. Once I got confirmation from the Library of Congress that my copyright was registered, I posted them online. The response was overwhelming. The story stayed online for 5 years, and its popularity continued to grow. I didn’t understand why people liked it so much, but slowly I began to comprehend that it was because they identified with the characters so much. The protagonists were not Seal/Ninja/Cowboys, but just regular folks trying to survive a bad situation. They valued family, friends, neighbors, and country like we all do. They put aside petty differences and minor disagreements to protect the things that were really important. They did whatever it took to make sure their (and our) way of life and their (and our) code (God, Family, Country) continued.

      Over the years, I received many requests to put the book in dead tree format, but I didn’t have the skills to pull that off myself. Along come another two Arfcommers who volunteered to help. Donne3 started editing the book, and TheNorm worked out our marketing campaign. The three of us formed Halffast Publishing, and in December of 2010, the first hardcopy of Lights Out rolled off of the presses. The acceptance of the printed version has been astounding. We made the Top 100 and were in the Top 10 in Action/Adventure for a long time. To this day, the story still sells at a surprising rate."

    • -David Crawford
      Author, Lights Out